The Interview Meal

Continuing an interview over lunch, dining with your boss or attending a business event? Don't be the person who's bad eating habits loses you the job or the promotion. Table manners and an understanding of proper dining etiquette prepares students for navigating future business meals as well as boosting their status in social settings. Our college dining program introduces students to the protocols of table etiquette, an understanding of their place setting and the correct use of flatware.  


We will cover the five main styles of dining while concentrating on the differences between US and European styles. Good table manners show a level of education and sophistication. Conducting yourself appropriately at the table goes a long way to cementing business relationships both at home and abroad.


  • Client or Host?

  • Ordering from a Menu

  • US and European Dining Styles

  • Your "BMW" Table Map

  • Understanding Your Place Setting

  • Handling Your Flatware Correctly

  • Napkin & Passing Etiquette

  • Posture at the Table




                                           DINE WITH CONFIDENCE



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