The Business of Meeting Over Meals


Business lunches have always been a productive and pleasant way to build successful relationships.You have

a proven product, a good track record and offer personal service but what else can do to win over the client? Inviting a customer to lunch is trending way of solidifying client relationships. Plan and host a business meal with as much attention to detail as a regular meeting. Familiarize yourself with the restaurant and their menu and be ready to offer recommendations. Impress the client with your dining expertise and attention to detail. Don't let a mediocre lunch hamper future business deals.  



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  • Organizing a Business Meal

  • Building Restaurant Relationships

  • Handling Reservations, Confirmations & Cancellations

  • Seating Assignments & Use of Place Cards.  

  • Understanding the Protocols of Table Service   

  • Table Etiquette

  • Making Helpful Recommendations

  • US, European & Multi-Cultural Dining Styles

  • Understanding your Place Setting 

  • Correct Use of Flatware

  • Discussing Business Productively

  • Concluding the Meeting & Meaningful Follow-Ups

Renewed knowledge of "how to be formal" is a very useful skill for both business and social events as there are dining protocols to follow and faux pas to be avoided! Being at ease with your place setting and flatware means you can concentrate on the business at hand and host the meal impeccably. Emphasis will be on US and European dining styles but we offer a working knowledge of all five main dining styles so you can be at ease dining with international clients here and abroad .         

               "If you want to get a point across, entertain."  George Bernard Shaw 1856 - 1950

Theresa Salameno