JUST FOR TEENS, ages 13 to 17


  • First and Lasting Impressions;

  • Greetings & Introductions

  • The Art of Communication - Conversation Know How & Body Language

  • Cell Phone Etiquette & Sensible Cyber Usage  

  • Safe Networking at Parties and Social Events

  • Preparing for College Interviews

  • Image - Dress Codes and Appropriate Attire

  • Dine to Impress

  • Entering a Restaurant,Taking your Seat & Seating Protocol

  • Five Main Dining Styles  

  • Your BMW Table Map

  • Understanding your Place Setting, Correct use of Flatware, Table Etiquette


Those of us that have experienced our children's teenage years know that it can be a testing time, but it's tough being a teenager. It can be an awkward time filled with angst and peer pressure, and often a time when family values are being tested. We help our teens develop confidence in themselves and build their own identity while encouraging them to think about the consequences of their actions. 

Appearance and manners are the image we project to others, our personal attitude and behavior with friends and in public speaks volumes. Respecting others shows not only respect for yourself but is the quickest way to be treated with respect. The table etiquette and dining program serves to give our teenagers the social skills they need to help them become mature and confident adults. 


Manners Matter LLC - Greater New York City Area

Theresa Salameno, Founder & Managing Director



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