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  Lunch & Learn


     Suggested for Juniors & Seniors

Our lives are so busy that we often have little or no time to sit at the table and enjoy a meal together, we eat on the move, ordering take-out foods as we shuttle between activities, sports, and home. Understanding your place setting, knowing which cutlery to use for each course, and how to tackle difficult foods will prepare you for any dining situation! We teach the American style of dining, one of the five main dining styles but we will share tips on the subtle differences between American and European dining for when you travel abroad. This is a fun, hands-on tutorial, so take your seat for a delicious meal and learn what to do and what not to do at the table. 

  • The Five Main Styles of Dining

  • What is the "BMW" place setting?

  • Use your Flatware Correctly

  • Dining "Must Knows"

  • Make Wise Menu Choices 

  • Difficult Foods can be Challenging!

  • Modern Table Manners 

  • Managing Mishaps

  • Treating the Wait Staff Appropriately

  • Gratuities

Topics Covered

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