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    Dining Skills That 
      Make You Shine

Topics Covered

  • The US and European Dining Styles 

  • What is the "BMW" place setting?

  • Using your Flatware Correctly

  • Dining "Must Knows"

  • Dining Etiquette & The Art of Table 

  • Menu Selection 

  • Managing Mishaps

  • Tipping and Gratuities

Casual dining suits our busy schedules and with little time to sit at the table, we often eat on the run, which requires no utensils, or order take-out meals to eat as we work on devices. When you eat in a restaurant or join the family for dinner it would be helpful to understand what cutlery to use for each course, how to eat difficult foods, and what to do with your napkin. There are five main styles of dining but we will concentrate on the differences between the US and European styles of eating. One day you may be asked to host a meal so you should know about seating protocols and the arrangement of place cards. This is a hands-on tutorial that you will enjoy participating in as you take your place at the table for a delicious meal.