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The Delights of
 Afternoon Tea

For a unique experience, book a Traditional English Afternoon Tea with friends and family.

Enjoy delicious finger sandwiches, tempting mini desserts, and scones with fruit preserves and

clotted cream, all served with a selection of classic teas and fruit tisanes.

Let us guide you through the history of a traditional English Afternoon Tea and the etiquette of "taking tea" as we explain the subtle differences between Afternoon Tea, Royal Tea, Cream Tea, and High Tea. After water, tea is the most popular drink in the world, Twinning's English Breakfast Tea being the favorite with Green tea winning out as the healthiest on the planet. Discover how to brew the perfect pot and become a true "Tea Diplomat" ready to host your own Afternoon Tea. We will explain how you can prepare some of my favorite savories and compliment them with classic teas. Enjoying "Tea" by a roaring fire on a winter's afternoon, in the garden on a beautiful summer's day, is time well spent.






  • Brief History of Afternoon Tea

  • Benefits of drinking tea

  • Hosting a Tea

  • Themed Teas

  • The Etiquette of Afternoon Tea

  • Afternoon Tea, Royal Tea, Cream Tea, or High Tea, what is your preference?

  • Service of Afternoon Tea 

  • Brewing the Perfect Pot

  • Milk or Lemon, Sugar or Honey?

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