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     Dining to Impress


  • Roles as Host and Guest

  • Conversation skills

  • "Working" at Business Social Events

  • The US and European Dining Styles

  • Your "BMW" Table Map

  • Understanding Your Place Setting

  • Handling Your Flatware Correctly

  • Napkin Etiquette & Table Manners

  • Ordering from a Menu

  • Posture at the Table


Continuing an interview over lunch, or dining with your boss or a client can be quite a daunting experience. Not knowing what to order from the menu or how to eat certain foods may leave you feeling insecure and uncomfortable. With knowledge of dining etiquette, and good table manners you will be seen as an

educated and confident team member. Our college dining program teaches students about their individual place setting, the correct placement and use of the flatware and glasses, and of course, modern table manners. There are five main dining styles, but we concentrate on the subtle differences between the US and European dining. Your table manners, appropriate behavior, and conversational skills will be noticed and remembered.  

After students master the appropriate dining and communication skills, they will be comfortable attending

any business meal, not to mention boosting their social status with friends and family!

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