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Successful Networking
      Confident Interactions       

All interpersonal relationships, whether in a business situation or socially, are built on a foundation of good communication. Respect for others' viewpoints and sensitivity to cultural differences will strengthen any relationship. After-hours cocktail parties and networking events are part of the working day and should be treated as such. These events are excellent opportunities to expand business contacts but, if handled incorrectly, could be a disaster with far-reaching consequences. The ability to connect is a critical business skill, walking into a room, making yourself known, and showing confidence makes all the difference in demonstrating your social expertise and leadership skills. Engaging in conversation, and putting others at ease are skills that will identify you as a true professional.


  • Making a Confident Entrance

  • Body Language

  • Three-Step Strategy for Mixing Like a Pro.

  • Impressive Greetings & Interactions 

  • Mastering the Name Game

  • Cultivating Conversational Skills

  • Handshake Messaging & Conversation Skills

  • Business Card Development & Exchange

  • Memorable & Effective Departures 

  • Starting Your Own Networking Group or Event

"Internal Networking is an important key to successful career moves, and External Networking is the office away from the office. Planned networking often offers a speaker or program as part of the agenda, whereas spontaneous networking is a mix of business and pleasure in a relaxed social environment."

                                                                                  Gloria Petersen - Global Protocol Academy

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