The Art of Making Professional Connections 

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Do you want to enter a room and feel like you belong?

You will make a powerful statement when you project

a sense of presence and network with confidence. All interpersonal relationships, whether in business or in social settings, are built on communication. Without good communication skills you will find it difficult to get your

point across or even have any influence. Engage and

use conversation to create opportunities. Listening skills, emotional intelligence, empathy, rapport and the ability

to work as a team are ways that develop your leadership qualities. Always be ready to compromise and strive for

a win-win outcome. Politeness along with respect of other's view-points and cultural differences will strengthen any relationship, so as restrictions lift, let's get back to business!



  • Networking for Success

  • Mix & Mingle like a Pro

  • Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings

  • Introductions ~ In-Person & Virtual

  • Replacing the Handshake!

  • Conversation Skills & Body Language

  • Approaching with Presence

  • Projecting Confidence

  • The Power of Attire

  • Business Card Etiquette

  • Tips for Memorable Departures

"After hours" business cocktail parties and networking events are part of the working day and should be treated as such. These events are wonderful ways to expand one's business contacts but, if handled incorrectly, could be a disaster with far reaching consequences.


"Internal Networking is an important key to successful career moves, and External Networking is the office away from the office. Planned networking often offers a speaker or program as part of the agenda, whereas spontaneous networking is a mix of business and pleasure in a relaxed social environment."

Gloria Petersen - Global Protocol Academy

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Theresa Salameno