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Strategies For Successful
Business Entertaining


When the decision is taken to entertain clients the key is in the planning. First define the purpose of the meeting then begin work on the budget, programming, menus, and if there is to be an Honoree.  Whether the event is to be a lunch or a larger gathering, the theory behind such invitations is that special treatment is a wonderful way to show appreciation and create loyalty. All too often extending simple courtesies has become a low priority and people do not think about how a meal or event could be affected by inappropriate behavior. It is very important that behavioral expectations and protocols are part of the planning process and in order to ensure that proper protocol is followed throughout the event, everyone on the planning team should be aware of what is expected of them. Defining the purpose of the meeting while selecting and engaging your team will be advantageous as you begin to decide on the venue, the menu, the seating arrangements, and extend the invitations. Remember to be prepared for the unexpected. 



  • Laying Foundations For The Event

  • Orchestrating the Smooth Running of the Meal

  • Mastering the Logistics

  • Issuing Invitations

  • Engaging Assistance & Identifying Duties

  • Venue vs Home Entertaining

  • Acknowledging and Toasting an Honoree

  • Acknowledge Those Who Serve You

  • Gestures of Appreciation

  • Customize Your Checklists

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