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Strong leadership, effective communication, and good listening skills set the tone to create and maintain long-lasting business relationships. Networking events are a platform to showcase your professionalism and our workshops offer corporate training that teaches strategies for successful networking, personal branding, and business dining & entertaining.  


Social skills took a beating during the global lockdown as companies and employees struggled to conduct business via virtual meetings. As the workforce returns to the office and future corporate events are planned our tutorials serve as refresher courses for getting back to business.


Our career readiness programs are designed to prepare graduating college students for entry into the corporate world and we have specific tutorials for high school students preparing to transition to college.                                       

                                  Manners Matter offers private Etiquette workshops for children.

       Little Diplomats program for 5 - 7-year-olds, and Young Ambassadors program for 8 -13-year-olds.

                                                          Please contact for further details. 








Tact and Diplomacy are indispensable skills while personal branding will establish your professional presence.  Develop networking strategies, entertaining know-how, and impressive dining skills because nothing happens until you communicate and these interpersonal skills will prove very useful in building loyal business relationships.




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Graduating and feeling unprepared to enter the

corporate world? Manners Matter will help you

meet hiring expectations by knowing the image

and interpersonal skills that will transition you

from an academic life to a corporate career .



Once students have their place at college it's time to prepare for this important transition. Everyone benefits when our teens enter college with the ability to engage and connect with others, students who are confident, respectful and thoughtful of people and the world around them.



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This program tells you all you need to know about setting a table, understanding your place setting, and modern etiquette. Excellent

service and food presentation are easily recognized but being able to offer them is another matter. Hosting a meal or event successfully is an art that will take your entertaining to the next level.


             THE JOYS OF


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Learn about the history and etiquette of Afternoon Tea and join us for a truly English experience. Sample our selection of teas that complement dainty finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream & preserves, and delicious mini desserts. Afternoon Tea service and making that perfect pot of tea are just part of this relaxing event. 

Certification from Minding Manners, London, UK

International Protocol & Diplomacy,

International Business Etiquette                                             

International Youth Etiquette


Certification from  Global Protocol Academy, USA

Professional Presence, Business Etiquette and Protocol Consultant

Certification from Bruce Richardson & Dorothea Johnson

Tea & Etiquette Consultant

Theresa Salameno, Founder and Managing Director of Manners Matter LLC trained in London as an executive chef and earned a degree in Hotel & Catering Administration. 

Ms. Salameno worked in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years and the experiences from her extensive international travel bring a personal aspect to the hands-on programs she offers. Having hosted and planned numerous business dinners and black tie formal events Ms. Salameno understands the  importance of protocols and meticulous planning


                   CONTACT US
  Francesca Calabrese  - Director of Development
  Theresa Salameno  -  Founder, Managing Director

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