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customizing programs to fit each clients' requirements.  



Manners Matter LLC  is pleased to announce

plans to offer virtual webinars in the Fall.


We will continue to update our tutorials to reflect the changes in protocol for the "new" business norm

When guidelines allow, we will begin offering in-person programs to small gatherings, limiting numbers to accommodate social distancing and wearing of masks.




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The Protocols of Conducting Business evolves with the changing times, even more so in the time of Covid-19, and  an educated professional still needs to distinguish him or herself from the competition. How you present yourself at both in-person and virtual meetings reflects your personality and your reputation. Diplomacy is the skill of managing people and the ability to communicate in a non-offensive manner.  

Making Professional Connections and Professional Presence determine how you want to be perceived. Nothing happens until you communicate so a positive and lasting impression is made when you are seen as a confident and knowledgable individual.

 Business Dining has always been a productive way to establish successful relationships. Poor command of a dining situation and bad manners can hamper sealing that deal. Social distancing and wearing of masks are the "new normal"  and as guidelines continue to evolve, seating protocols are even more relevant. 

Career Readiness is critically important as companies look to hire junior executives with excellent interpersonal skills. Honing these skills help prepare students for internships and work experience while building their confidence and earning them respect. First impressions define you, and a tremendous advantage is gained when protocol and diplomacy skills are on display. Cultivating conversation skills and the ability to navigate social/business events  put students on a path towards their goal.  

Dine with Confidence and don't let bad eating habits effect a lunch interview, lose you that promotion or even the deal you've been working on for weeks. Table etiquette and manners show a level of education and sophistication and  prepare students for navigating future business meals as well as boosting their social status. 



Let us guide you through the history, etiquette, traditions and Delights of an English Afternoon Tea.

Learn how to brew the perfect pot of tea and become a true "Tea Diplomat." As dining begins to open up, while adhering to the State guidelines, we will begin offering small groups the chance to enjoy delicious savories, finger desserts, scones and a perfect pot of tea. Keep watching for dates to be posted.  

Our Entertaining with Style tutorial is perfect for "foodies" who love to entertain. We will help you plan and execute a well balanced menu, choose wines to compliment the food and set a spectacular table to "wow" your guests. Establish yourself as the quintessential host whose parties everyone wants an invitation to! Understand the protocols and dress codes for Black and White Tie events and the all important RSVP etiquette. 

The White House and Buckingham Palace. From private gatherings to ceremonial dinners, events such as State Visits and Royal Weddings require months of meticulous planning by hundreds of staff. We will share with you how things are done plus some interesting facts, photos, memorabilia and personal experiences from inside these famous dwellings on each side of "The Pond."

Everyone benefits if we prepare our young men and women to be confident individuals who are respectful and thoughtful of people and the world around them.

Young Diplomats ages 5 to 7 will have fun crafting and  pasting while playing games to learn about making new friends, sharing, and being polite and respectful of others. Peppermint, the Polite Puppy will invite them to a Tea Party and guide and delight them as they learn their social graces at the table.

Future Ambassadors, ages 8 to 12 learn about first impressions and why behaving appropriately out and about in public is so important. Appropriate behavior and manners dictate how you are perceived by your peers and others and are in tune with character development. Dining skills will teach table manners and etiquette, an understanding of  place settings and how to use flatware correctly

Just For Teens, ages 13 to 17 focuses on appearance and personal attitude which form the image we project to others. We help teens build their own identity while encouraging them to think about the consequences of their actions.The dining etiquette section teaches our teens the social skills to become confident and mature adults. Appropriate table conversation and good manners showcase them as educated and cultured young men and women. 


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