YOUNG DIPLOMATS, aged 5 to 7
 This program is offered for private groups and families. 



  • Making Friends

  • Sharing and Caring

  • Magic Words

  • Out and About in Public Places

  • Looking Good and Feeling Good

  • Respect and Awareness

  • Dining and Table Manners

  • Let's get Together For an Afternoon Tea Party

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Good manners help children make new friends, do well in school and grow up to be kind, considerate young people. They will have fun with glue sticks, cutting and pasting crafts, as well as playing games that teach magic words like, "Please", "Thank You", "Excuse Me", "I'm Sorry", "Come Play with Us" and "You're Welcome." They will learn how to have fun out and about in public while still being polite and thinking of others. Our Young Diplomats will learn to be respectful of everyone, share with others and care about the feelings of their peers.


At the end of the course the children will be invited to an Afternoon Tea when they learn the all important social graces at the table. They will learn how to arrange their place setting, hold their flatware and eat with their best manners. There are different types of foods and different ways of eating and the world is full of wonderful experiences. Don't miss out by not wanting to try new foods or a new style of eating. 

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Theresa Salameno