Dining Etiquette
 Modern Table Manners

Join me for a glass of wine and hors d'oeuvres while I share tips on modern dining etiquette and demonstrate how to set out a delicious charcuterie board and Burrata tasting platter for you to sample.

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Our hands-on tutorial explains the five main styles of dining

but focuses on US and European styles. We will demonstrate place settings for simple three course meals through to nine course formal banquet events and how the flatware is set for each course. On formal occasions it is useful to understand why the glasses are set in a particular pattern and which is for each wine. Knowing how to interpret your personal place setting and use your flatware and glassware helps avoid any embarrassing faux pas that might otherwise put a dampener on the evening! We will share tips on cleaning and storing, silverware, glassware and linen. Casual dining suits much of todays lifestyle but it is useful and interesting to know the protocols of dining or hosting a formal event when those special occasions arise. 


  • Five Main Styles of Dining

  • Understanding Your Place Setting

  • Dinnerware, Flatware, Stemware & Linens

  • Dining Finesse & Table Manners

  • Formal Service, Buffet Dining & Casual Meals

  • Eating Difficult & Unusual Foods

  • Seating Protocols & The Art of Conversation

  • Making Toasts & Giving Thanks

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Theresa Salameno