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   The White House
 Buckingham Palace

This tutorial is designed for small groups who are interested in Presidential & Royal protocols

and may have personal stories to share. Sip champagne and nibble on hors d'oeuvres as we enter the exclusive world of luxurious entertaining.        Please contact for details.



  • The White House Residence

  • White House State Dinners

  • White House Chefs & Menus for Visiting Dignitaries

  • The First Ladies

  • Diplomacy in Action

  • Ceremonial Events at Buckingham Palace

  • Entertaining at the Palace

  • Titles, Orders of Precedence & Seating Protocol

  • Royal Weddings & State Visits

  • "By Royal Warrant" & Royal Boroughs

The White House has been a gracious setting for thousands of state dinners, celebrations and a stage for visiting dignitaries. There are established protocols for state visits and teams of dedicated professionals who's job it is to keep everything running like clockwork. The men and women who take care of the President and his family are loyal and proud of the job they do. Hear about past Presidents' lives in the White House, Inaugurations, the duties of First Ladies, their favorite foods, menus for state dignitaries and Holiday traditions. View personal photographs taken at a White House St. Patrick's Day celebration and hear about meeting the 44th President & VP. Share in the experience of attending a Presidential State of The Union Address at the Capital.


Across "The Pond", Buckingham Palace is the London home of Queen Elizabeth II and for the Royal Family,

duty is everything. The pomp and circumstance of state visits and royal weddings is a sight to behold and preparations for such events involve many, many months of meticulous planning. See the Emanuel's sketches of Princess Diana's wedding dress and an original photo album depicting the months of work it took to make. This album is one of only three made, the first being presented to the Prince and Princess of Wales as a wedding gift. See their original wedding booklets of the Order of Service and Ceremonial Processional Route from Buckingham Palace and St. James's Palace. Share in personal recollections of attending an Investiture at the Palace officiated by the Duke of Cambridge. 




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