This program is offered for private groups and families.


  • First Impressions

  • Posture, Poise and Deportment

  • Art of Communication

  • Out and About

  • Looking Good and Feeling Good

  • Kindness and Cultural Awareness

  • Modern Dining Skills – Setting the Table; Taking your Seat; Posture at the Table; Napkin Etiquette; Using your Flatware Correctly; Styles of Dining; Excusing Yourself from the Table; Sit-down Meals; Buffet Meals, Fast Foods.

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Our students will learn the importance of First Impressions, how to behave appropriately when out and about in public while being aware of the many cultural differences around us. We want them to feel good about themselves and they will, because etiquette and manners are in tune with character development. Our Little Ambassadors will be introduced to the differences between American and European dining styles which will be helpful if they travel abroad and experience other cultures and foods. At the completion of the program they will know how to set a table for a four course meal, understand the correct way to hold and use their flatware and interpret a menu by checking their place setting. These are our leaders in training who will benefit from an exciting confidence boosting program that builds their self-esteem while teaching social and communication skills.

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Theresa Salameno