The Business of Meeting Over Meals



A great product and service are not always enough to guarantee a sale. There are plenty of competitors offering similar products so what will make a client choose your company over

another? Going above and beyond the expected standard and offering exceptional service will encourage clients to return for further discussions.  

Plan a business meal with as much attention to detail as a board meeting. Poor command of a dining situation and bad manners can hamper a seal-the-deal-at-the-table opportunity. Knowing when to discuss business, how to wrap up a meeting and continue to stay connected are ways to impress. 




  • Hosting a Meal as Restaurants Open Up 

  • Extending and Responding to Invitations 

  • Protocols of Table Service & Buffet Dining  

  • Dining with Class & Finesse 

  • Making Wise Choices & Helpful Recommendations

  • American, Continental & Multi-Cultural  Dining Styles

  • Understanding your Place Setting 

  • Correct Use of Flatware

  • Table Etiquette, Seating Protocols & Place Cards

  • Discussing Business

  • Concluding the Meeting 

  • Meaningful Follow-Ups

Business lunches have always been a productive way to establish successful relationships and forge long term friendships. Renewed knowledge of "how to be formal" is a very useful skill for business and social events as there are dining protocols to be followed and faux pas to be avoided. As the possibility of in-person dining opens up and we adhere to social distancing and mask guidance, seating protocols are now more important than ever. Being at ease with your place setting and flatware means you can concentrate on the business at hand and give you confidence to begin hosting business meals again. Emphasis will be on US and Continental dining styles but a working knowledge of the five main dining styles will put you at ease if dining with international clients here and abroad .         

               "If you want to get a point across, entertain."  George Bernard Shaw 1856 - 1950


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