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Today, more than ever, as we move into a "new normal" of conducting business, it is in everyones' best interest to connect with others in a meaningful and productive manner.

Protocol requires following the established rules during business, official and government functions. It is a tool that works hand in hand with diplomacy as a form of "soft power."


Diplomacy is the ability to communicate in

a non-offensive manner and manage people with dignity and civility. Personal diplomacy is the ability to get your point across without appearing pushy or dictatorial.





  • Diplomacy & Cultural Awareness

  • Working with Clients At Home & Abroad

  • Business Card Development & Exchange

  • Diplomatic Communication in the Office & at Meetings,

  • Memorable & Effective Greetings & Departures 

  • Planning VIP & Cultural Events

  • Orders of Precedence

  • Guest Lists & Seating Protocols

  • Memorable & Effective Departures

It is more important than ever to deal with people, situations and one's own behavior with diplomacy,      dignity and civility. How a situation is handled, not the situation itself, is the key to a successful outcome.


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