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Today, as we move into the "new normal" for business, it is in everyones' best interest to connect with others in a meaningful and productive manner. Virtual meetings and Zoom connections have replaced many in-person meetings and new protocols are in place for attending such meetings.

Protocol requires following the established rules during business, official and government functions. It is a tool that works hand in hand with diplomacy as a form of "soft power." Ethical behavior is the foundation for successful and long lasting business relationships.


Diplomacy is the ability to communicate in

a non-offensive manner and manage people with dignity and civility. Personal diplomacy is the ability to get your point across without appearing pushy or dictatorial. A positive and lasting impression is made when you are seen as a credible, cultured and knowledgable individual. Executive image and diplomatic traditions play a leading role in successful negotiations.





  • Diplomacy & Cultural Awareness

  • Working with Clients At Home & Abroad

  • Business Card Development & Exchange

  • Diplomatic Communication in the Office & at Meetings,

  • Memorable & Effective Greetings & Departures

  • What is the "new" Handshake? 

  • Planning VIP & Cultural Events

  • Orders of Precedence

  • Guest Lists & Seating Protocols

  • Memorable & Effective Departures

How you present yourself at in-person and virtual meetings reflects your personality and your reputation.

It is more important than ever to deal with people, situations and one's own behavior with diplomacy,      dignity and civility. How a situation is handled, not the situation itself, is the key to a successful outcome.


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